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Bayhill Equine

Equine Shockwave Therapy

Currently, horses suffering from chronic pain and lameness must undergo lengthy and cumbersome treatment regimens. These usually involve prolonged medication and surgical interventions. Often the results are not satisfactory. Bayhill Equine offers shockwave therapy: a new modality for dealing with refractory conditions.

A Veterinarian Performing Shockwave Therapy on a Horse at Bayhill Equine

How does it work?

The Shockwave treatment delivers high-energy focused shockwaves that can reach areas several inches below the patient's skin. Shockwaves are high-energy sound waves, which are transmitted to the effected body part.

What's the Process?

After a diagnosis is completed by the veterinarian, they determine if the horse is suitable for Shockwave treatment. Treatment requires mild sedation and horse remains standing. Treatment is usually 10-20 minutes. Usually the horse can leave with in 1-2 hours of the treatment and will have resting and follow up requirements discussed. Improvements vary from horse to horse, but generally improvement is achieved within days or weeks depending on condition. Positive results are obtained in cases where conventional methods failed. In some cases, it is necessary to repeat treatment. The Shockwave treatment is recommended for the management of a variety of musculoskeletal disorders that cause chronic pain and lameness in horses.

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