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Bayhill Equine

Bayhill Equine


At Bayhill Equine, we specialize in sports medicine for the performance horse. With a highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment and treatment protocols, Bayhill Equine, Inc stands as the preeminent veterinary sports medicine practice in the bay area.

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The Bay Area's Premier Mobile Equine Veterinary Practice

At Bayhill Equine we aim to continually exceed the expectations of our clients by providing the highest level of veterinary care for their horses and exceptional customer service.

Bayhill Equine is a sports medicine specialized, fully ambulatory practice serving the San Francisco Peninsula. Our practice is limited solely to sports medicine and rehabilitation, primarily in sports and pleasure horses. The focus of the practice includes prepurchase exams, lameness, radiography regenerative medicine therapies, and ultrasound.

Text us at: (833) 459-4187

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Curated Treatment for Your Horse

At Bayhill Equine, we will explain each treatment and then make a recommendation on which treatment might be best for YOUR horse. It is not enough to have the treatments available.

The focus of our practice includes lameness diagnostic and treatments, pre-purchase exams, regenerative medicine therapies, and preventative maintenance programs.

It's not enough to simply have access to various products. You have to know when, where, and why you are using them. That is where Bayhill Equine's extensive experience in sports medicine comes in.

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Online Payment

Bayhill Equine accepts designated Credit Cards and/or Paypal for all of our equine veterinary services. Simply click on the Pay Now button below, then enter your information and the amount of the payment you would like to make, choose your payment method, Paypal or Credit Card, and submit.

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