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Bayhill Equine

Lower half of a performance horse galloping through dirt

About Us

Two Veterinarians Examining a Brown Horse Outside at Bayhill Equine

Equine Sports Medicine Experts

Following a life-long passion for equine veterinary medicine that began as a child, Dr. Browning started Bayhill Equine in 1991. Our mission is to provide the highest level of veterinary care and customer service to our patients and their owners. At Bayhill Equine, we focus on sports medicine and rehabilitation for sport and pleasure horses.

Our veterinarians are recognized experts in equine performance medicine who have experience in caring for competition horses at international competitions, in addition to national, regional, and local horse shows. Some competitions include the World Equestrian Games (WEG), Grand Prix, and other dressage, racing, and jumping events.

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Our Team
Two Men Sitting with a Laptop Checking on the Horse

Ambulatory Veterinary Service for the Bay Area

Bayhill Equine offers the latest in diagnostic equipment in an ambulatory practice including digital x-ray and ultrasound, and both 1-meter and 3-meter video endoscopes. Treatment modalities include; stem cell therapy, PRP, IRAP, Pro Stride and a class 4 laser. Additionally, we now offer acupuncture to our provided services. At Bayhill, we recognize the importance of rehabilitation in the successful treatment of our equine athletes. We work closely with rehabilitation facilities in order to tailer theraputic modalities to fit your horse and their injuries.

To learn more about any of these diagnostic aids, visit our Services page for details.