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Bayhill Equine


Emergency Services Available 24/7

If your horse has a veterinary emergency, please call us at (650) 851-2300. Please do not email us for emergency care.

Text us at: (833) 459-4187

Common Equine Emergencies

Not all horse injuries and illnesses require immediate medical attention. However, if your horse is experiencing any one of the below problems, please call or visit our hospital right away:

  • Fractures (broken limbs)

    If your horse breaks a limb, they will need to be treated right away. The same is true of a horse who suddenly becomes lame, especially if the lame leg shows signs of a break such as swelling or heat.

  • Dehydration

    Dehydration is a major concern for horses. Horses need about 1 liter of fluid per hour, but those used for work or athletic purposes may need much more. If a horse develops diarrhea, this may cause dehydration very quickly. We can provide fluid therapy to treat dehydration in horses.

  • Colic

    Horses who develop colic are painful and are often in need of water and mineral oil. This process can be completed via nasogastric tubing, which is an emergency procedure. Our equine emergency veterinarians are well-trained in equine tubing and will be able to perform this procedure quickly and effectively.

  • Intestinal blockage

    Horses may develop intestinal blockages, sometimes related to colic and sometimes not. Blockages cause the abdomen to swell with gas, which can be painful and even dangerous if left untreated. We can remove the buildup of gas in the horse’s abdomen and then proceed with treatment from there.

  • Choke

    Horses may swallow foreign objects or may suffer injuries that cause a blockage in the trachea. If this happens, we can treat this to help the horse breathe. We will also provide follow-up care after this occurs.

This list is not exhaustive and does not cover all possible emergency symptoms. If you have questions about your horse's symptoms or are concerned that they may be experiencing an emergency, please call us at (650) 851-2300. The emergency care team at Bayhill Equine is available to assist you 24/7. We have a team of highly skilled equine veterinarians on staff to make sure your horse gets the best possible critical care in Redwood City, CA.